Goderich Waldorf

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dear Friends,

The Goderich Waldorf School really appreciates your thoughts towards us and the situation in Sierra Leone and West Africa. Its a very difficult time for the school, teachers, children and families in the school and communities in the Country.

The government has declared the crisis as a state of emergency which means that all schools are closed. No public gathering for learning, workshops, recreation and work. Most private employers have closed down affecting opportunities for work for families. In Government, only essential staffs go to work. Movement is restricted.

Because the spread of the Ebola disease is on the increase there is strong ban on visiting family members, sharing and exchanging. Due to the spate of infection, the Ministry of Health has identified Public transport and bodily contact with infected persons as potential hot-spot for contracting the disease.

The outbreak has been sporadic (occurring in communities across the Country). In the Rokel communities a whole family of 6 died last month of Ebola. The house and area was sprayed and disinfected. Fortunately, the school children and staff continues to enjoy divine protection as people don’t know the trend of the outbreak-It can struck anytime and anywhere according to Health care report if awareness is not raised and families are not taking the health advices to contain and eliminate the Ebola.

Key issues:

  1. Schools may not be opened this year(September-December 2014)
  2. World Health Organization has warned that 20,000 persons will be affected in the region in the next 3 months
  3. Food scarcity and the prices of basic food commodities have increased
  4. Families are not working or involved in gainful activities to support their children.

We are so intimidated by the fatality of this disease especially when front-line health workers are also dying in the process of helping.

We thank all of our Friends for remembering us in their prayers.

Shannoh Kandoh

On behalf of the Goderich Waldorf School

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